Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am VICTORIOUS! (On very small fronts...)

No...seriously...? Fax machine: 7 Toast: 1....but that one is all that matters, and I totally outsmarted that stupid fax machine! It took that many tries to get it to stop pulling three sheets at a time...finally I had to stand there and hold the rest of the pack of paper and make sure only one went through each time. Sometimes, I hate technology.

Also an apology for my wonderful lapse in posting. Been a smidgen busy sewing and being mildly lazy. I'm guilty, and I seek your forgiveness!

Moving on! And speaking of hating technology Fr. Davis Redding (who will be referred to as FDR after this to save my mind from fear of misspelling...and because I confessed to being lazy earlier. So there.) and I had a discussion about survivalism...which eventually turned into a large dream of winning the lottery, building a home that would be sufficient without electricity etc., learning how to farm, take care of a small amount of livestock, and learning to live rustic. Oh, and a windmill snuck in there as well.

Now, to many, that may sound crazy. Or maybe to not so many, but I am not for certain. I'd have to see responses to really make a solid conclusion. At any rate, I found this prospect HIGHLY appealing. Do not get me wrong: I love my computer, phone, lights, etc. At the same time, though, I feel like life has truly lost something with the advancement of such technology. (Minus you know, things like medical and important stuff, I'm not completely off my rocker.)

I could clearly imagine this large area of land, growing vegetables, and fruit, taking care of goats. Being able to hunt in the woods nearby. Using the windmill to help with either grinding of grain or irrigation or...something. The windmill was my idea, I just haven't found its use yet.

If you seriously consider the possibility of something happening, to where the world would no longer be able to sustain electricity and those fine things that we have all come to know and love, how many of us would truly survive? Would evolution step in? Survival of the fittest? Is it so wrong as to be that slightly crazy person to sit and prepare for something of that sort? What's wrong with growing your own food and being a self contained living area?

Yes, FDR and I explored many of those possibilities in the discussion. stockpiling on fabric, ammunition, and machines that require use of your muscle and not the juice of electric current. Cooking by a wood-burning stove while making your recipes from scratch. (Which upon a little research last night, seems to be rather healthy and affordable.) I do not exactly have a romantic view of it all, that it would be all easy as pie, I know it would be hard as hell to adjust to something like that. To be frank, I still found the idea appealing. Writing in a journal? Making your own stuff???

I feel like after that conversation, that I was born in the wrong era! Love to hear your thoughts, audience!

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